Monday, September 12, 2005

For Linda A, my faithful commenter!

Linda A, who has been great for leaving comments since this blog began, was wondering what this shade of Rowan Summer Tweed was like to see if it would be suitable for a top she has in mind. I just about managed to describe it yesterday, but as they say, a picture paints a thousand words so I decided to run up a quick swatch so you could get a better look. You can see all the "rainbow drop" colours in it, but be aware my photography and screen resolution may not be giving you the perfect view. When I was looking for and working with the yarn for this wee swatch I was reminded about how totally tangle-tastic skeins of Summer Tweed can be. Take this into account when choosing, Linda, it is a short step from skein to bird's nest if you are not careful!


Linda A said...

Oh, Kathleen, I'm in tears from your kindness. Its not as vivid as my disintegrating top, but it would be lovely for work, where I don't like to be too bright. Darn it, I'll order it! I've just found out how tangly it gets. My teenage daughter and I rolled eleven skeins of pink Summer Tweed on the weekend. One she threw down, half rolled, in a temper because I said I didn't like John Lennon's music - oh, the mess, and my temper back at her.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kathleen
I will be at the Relax and knit on the Friday and then will probably be around sometime at the weekend too, would be great to meet up with more Rowanettes.

roddy said...

cant think of anything interesting to say re wool...hope thats not some kimd of heresy!! just in from first salsa lesson...if i hadnt forked out thirty quid id chuck it!!!..i totally lost the plot after about the first two moves...mebbe am just paranoid but i felt about the most hopeless tosser in the could do with a few pinters!!.forty five people turned up in a class designed for thirty...thats the double glazing fitterd over in off munroing tomorrow...walking i can do...though id probabnly fuck it up if someone played salsa in the background!! asta la soon. Roddy xx

Kathleen said...

Is it a few pints or a few pointers yer after? Have still got a few salsa CDs if you need the practice.

Didn't think you would have much to say about wool, but thought you might remember that trip to Mull of Galloway - you were there too!

Hope you enjoyed Ben More. If you took any digi pix I could load them on here. Ciao, K.