Sunday, September 18, 2005

Socka Color Sock, good view of pattern. Posted by Picasa


Karen said...

wonderful colours, I love them, they look so cosy. Just perfect for the fast approaching cold weather...

Sue said...

Hi Kathleen, lovely socks, one day i SHALL nit some, meanwhile I have a link that I found SO useful:

It is a video of a lovely lady grafting a sock toe with a running comentary. I could'nt graft before I saw it, I can now!


Kathleen said...

Sue, thanks very much for that great link.
A have been doing a couple of things differently from that lady. I have not been keeping the yarn under the needles, and I have been pulling the yarn through the stitch I have been dropping off the needles rather than immediately threading it through the next stitch.
This could be why although my grafting *kind of works* as in, it secures the stitches, it doesn't look all that neat, and most certainly not invisible. I think I'll practise on some scraps before it comes to sock no. 2.
Thanks again Sue!