Sunday, September 18, 2005

One, count 'em, finished object.

Hiya, after a very family oriented weekend (between visiting in-laws and mammoth telephone conversations with my own family) I do actually have a finished object to show.

I finally got around to grafting the toe of this sock. It took me far too long and far too many attempts to get it half-way acceptable looking, but it is done now so that's something. Grafting is not one of my strong points, shall we say.

It is made from Fortissima Colori Socka Color from Schoeller + Stahl in shade 2416. I really like the heathery shades in it. I'll try a couple of different photos to try to get over the true colours. I haven't get cast on its partner, but I think that could be ideal knitting on the long journey down to Redditch in Worcestershire next week for my sister's wedding. I roughly followed the Marrieta Rib Socks pattern from Lucy Neatby's "Cool Socks, Warm Feet", and added a cable and made a couple of other adjustments. I may feel obliged to tell you all of this again when I have finished the second sock, so please bear with me!

Also coming along is my Fern from Rowan 36 (see Tuesday August 30th for project details). I only have the right front to do now and with any luck I will get that finished this week. There was a lot of knitting in the left front, between the fact that it is a wrapover front and so covers about 2/3 of the back and the short rows which form the garter edging. I am sure that in actual knitting terms it is as much as the back, I certainly used up the same amount of yarn as the back. 1 1/3 balls of my Jaeger Odessa. I like the look of it, it is shaping up nicely. I hope those of you who are also knitting this are enjoying the process too.

Haven't got around to playing with my KoolAid this weekend, and probably won't get the chance now as I will be too busy swanning about in high heeled sandals in preparation for wedding next Sat.

Have a good knitting week!

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Linda A said...

Lovely socks, in a beautiful colour. I haven't done my two Fern fronts, yet.