Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Braided Mischief

Okay, let's get this bit over with...I sent my lovely Deep off to Rowan yesterday, it's all out of my hands now. One thing which struck me as odd was they didn't ask for ball bands or proof of purchase or anything, oh well, they're the experts. I'll keep you posted.

In other knitting news I have finished a lovely present for my husband. No false modesty here ;-) Well, I say it's for my husband, it's a unisex style. As I was saying at the knitting meetup on Sunday- first up, best dressed!

It's Braided Mischief by Teva Durham from Scarf Style. I didn't knit it in multiple strands of tweed as recommended, I knitted it in a single strand of Debbie Bliss Maya, from getknitted. It is very long because I used three full hanks. I could have stopped sooner and it would have been long enough, but then I would have been left with oddments of the yarn just sitting there, taking up space. OMG, this yarn diet has really gone to my head!

It's a warm yarn to start with, and the basket-weave type cable pattern makes it even warmer. Good job J likes walking up chilly hills and braving exposed sea fronts. It is May after all. The reason this is for him is because he loved the Wavy scarf I did him in a different colour of the same yarn last year. Health to wear it.

And the shawl? The shawl is coming on just dandy. In fact if we hadn't been out enjoying the music of Dick Gaughan, folk singer, last night, I may have had two finished objects to show you. Watch this space over the next few days, I'm aiming for the weekend for proper pix. x K Posted by Picasa


Poshyarns said...

That scarf is lovely, I love the Maya yarn. Every time I see a completed pattern from that book it reminds me how much I want the book.

Thanks for your lovely comments about my Birch, I delivered it on Saturday and my friend was really pleased.

Heather said...

Like the scarf Kathleen - lucky man .... if he's up early enough ! I didn't know you liked Dick Gaughan ?! We're long time Gaughan fans :0)

Sarah said...

That scarf is incredible! I love the weaving of the cables- it really is beautiful!

carol said...

Lovely scarf - should keep J plenty warm on those chilly hills and windy seafronts. I shall be interested to hear what Rowan say/do re the colour loss on your Deep. It is strange they didn't ask for dye lot info etc. I hope you get it back though (with a refund too - now that would be nice:)) ) - after all that work, dye loss or not it would be a shame to have to re- knit it. Was it the Cape clourway that was the problem do you think?

Linda said...

I've always liked that Braided scarf, in the scarf book, but I feared it would be too hot for us. Oh well, better to know now than after I knitted it.

soCherry said...

It's lovely - such beautiful colours!

Karen said...

I am in LOVE! It's so beautiful! That would be worth getting out of bed early, even in the deep midst of winter we're current;y 'enjoying' - seriously, it's gorgeous. I have two hanks of Maya, do you think that might be enough? Kxx

miss ewe said...

Kathleen - It's gorgeous.
Did you do the same width of cast on as in the book? Or did you make it wider/narrower? I am fussing over wool selection for this but think I'm going to use Manos del Uruguay (which is the same as Maya). Just trying to figure out how much I'll need!Thanks!