Wednesday, May 03, 2006

No sh*t, Sherlock?!?

On Sunday I took along my Lace Leaf Shawl by Evelyn Clark at Fibertrends to our Stitch 'n' Bitch meet in case I got stuck with the provisional cast-on and had to ask some fellow members for advice.
Well, no worries, I sailed through the cast-on, the set-up rows, the pattern repeats and the scalloped edging. In fact, although it is only Wednesday, I have finished it, washed it, blocked it, photographed it, tallied the yarn, and blogged it!
One thing I haven't done though, is worn it.It is in fact a miniature shawl, a swatch for a shawl in some eyes. Because you see, although I liked the Jonelle yarn, loved the pattern, enjoyed the Addi Turbos etc, it soon became apparent that the colour was a bit well, babyish.
Knitting 3ply powder blue yarn in a lacy shawl pattern babyish? Who knew? You don't have to hit me on the side of the head with a sledge hammer!
I persevered with it anyway, because I wanted to get my head round the pattern and I do see myself making it for real in the near future. (The only bit I didn't do was add beads using a crochet hook because I didn't have one fine enough.)
I'll just have to shop the stash to find a suitable yarn.
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Anonymous said...

You had me fooled there for just a minute with that big photo! Looks a nice pattern right enough. Sonja x

Linda said...

I've always worried that beads on the edge of thigs would catch on something and snag my cherished knitting, but then, I am a worry wort!

soCherry said...

I was just gasping inwardly at the speed you had knit this shawl...

this is a beautiful shawl - it suits Gumersinda a treat! :)

Hope you find something in the stash to make the 'real' one
Elaine x

carol said...

Gosh I thought at first you had a finished full size shawl there in only 3 days of knitting! Lovely all the same even if it is small. I personally like wearing neckerchiefs - nice and easy to wear without the bulk.

Heather said...

I like powder blue ! Speaking of blue, I've been eyeing up the Sirdar Indigo in my own stash - how much did you find it shrank at the first wash ? Is it comparable to Rowan Denim ?