Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Read all about it!

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Anonymous said...

Stop Press!
Mr. DH, who turned down a 5 figure sum to sell his story to the Daily Stasher, added that he sympathised with the yarn outlets mentioned in the report. "She does buy for the thrill, rather than necessity." He chortled. "But I will give her her due. She does make some lovely items."
He added. "Until my BOATMAN comes home, I can only wish Mrs. KEDKrafty well in her latest endeavours."

Mr. KEDKrafty

Linda said...

Oh, Kathleen, that is so funny! I live in dread of my family finding the full extent of my stashing. I have bad luck when the yarn parcels arrive on the one day my husband goes to the post office box, as they seem to all the time lately.

Anonymous said...

You're not tempted to splash out, just to save the economy are you? Keep going girl!
Sonja x

Poshyarns said...

Oh I love this, thanks for the giggles. I like the phrase "rationalise stocks".