Sunday, November 06, 2005

Finished Object

This is Fern in all her Alexandra Park glory!

Knitted in Jaeger Odessa DK, shade 163. Mohair, and "polyester metal". Used 7 balls; it has got great yardage.
Bought the yarn from Black Sheep Wools at the Creative Stitches fair 2004.
See Carol, I do use up some of it! When are you getting a blog by the way???

Taken from Rowan 36, went up 1/2mm needle size for fit.
I am pleased with it, although as you can see I need a wee ribbon or something to make the first wrap lie flat on the inside. I did know that of course, but I wanted to make the most of a short dry spell to get out to the park and get the photos taken.

Thanks to J for taking the photos and thanks to
Strictly Come Dancing for making the seaming a bearable process! Posted by Picasa


Emma said...

It's fab ! Great colour on you. I like the flounce best.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kathleen

Thanks for the birthday fishes, I mean wishes - all those fountain shots have gone to my brain....

Looking forward to th get-together



Linda said...

How beautiful. I stared and stared at the different views - so much clearer than the magazine photo. Its a lovely colour on you.

Sarah said...

Kathleen Fern is beautiful. The colour looks gorgeous on you - and such a perfect day for photos. It is great that so many knitters blog these days and have patient photographers on hand. It looks stunning from all angles.

The blog is still great by the way and, you will be pleased to hear, I used my hot water bottle yesterday for the first time. It was deliciously cosy just as I dreamt it to be!


kathleen said...

Just wanted to say hello to Kathleen Fern...because that´s my name too!