Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Multi-directional Post

Enjoyed Saturday's Art Exhibition in Kirkintilloch. Our friend Debbie was exhibiting and volunteering there and had invited us along. We didn't buy anything but there was some lovely work there and I was really impressed by the church where it took place. It was really like a small cathedral really. What really blew me away was the exquisite, modern (1980s) stained glass.

Also enjoyed Sunday's stitch and bitch in the Tramway. I can't believe
Jacqui is leaving us for the northern lights of old Aberdeen. I'm going to be helping out with some of the admin for the Stitch and Bitch group for a few months. Looking forward to learning the ropes.

May I say how beautiful
Madeline's Multidirectional scarf is shaping up to be. Knocks mine into a cocked hat. (Not fishing for you to contradict me here, it is a genuine opinion.) The colours are jewel tones and have a glow about them. It really shows off the structure of the scarf too.

I now have two on the go, the original one in Noro Aurora, and I have been inspired to do another in my silk yarn from Get Knitted in an attempt to get a colour glow like Madeline. If you remember I was talking about making it into a Clapotis. Now I am leaning more towards Clapotis in my Soy Silk. Watch this space. J has asked for a multidirectional in muted blues and grey in a chenille yarn. I'll see what I can rustle up, but I may have to go shopping!

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