Tuesday, November 22, 2005

India has got a blog!

Decided to check out this Sunday Girls thing on at Mono last Sunday. Felt funny going to Mono on a Sunday. Tramway on Sunday, Mono on Tuesday is the usual deal.

Anyway, maybe I'm too literal, maybe when it says "from 3pm" I should arrive fashionably late, like 9pm or midnight or something. Well, to sum up, it was a bit of a non-event. By the time I left I had not witnessed any craft stall, any DJs, any live bands, any discussions. There was evidence of a baking stall though. There was one redeeming feature though, and it wasn't the cake stall, it was the fact that India or Midsummer Night's Knitter as some call her, was there. As you may know, when India arrives, that means the party has started!

She has succumbed to our subtle persuasion and has gone and got herself a blog! Although she is just starting out, she has text, photos, a weather pixie, links, counter, the whole shebang!
Call in to see her at http://twelfthknit.blogspot.com/ and say hello. Preferably in Gaelic!

By the way Heather, I did sling my Loopy scarf because I was finding it too hard to control the KSH on such big needles and the results were shockingly uneven. I would consider doing it again though. Just on big needles not enormous great ones. Posted by Picasa


Tracy said...

Before I try, please tell me if I've got it right first..is it madainn mhath?
If I've picked out something very rude my humble apologies, blame Google.

Kathleen said...

Hi Tracy, Gaelic's an unknown quantity for me I'm afraid, although I do glean the odd bit of grammatical info from India my vocabulary is non-existent. Sorry! (Do your gnomes speak Gaelic or Elvish by the way?)

Madeline said...

Sorry I didn't make it there on Sunday Kathleen. It's a pity it was not so good - it had so much potential!

Midsummer night's knitter said...

'S math sin ! Now you have almost as much Galeic as me, Tracy! I'm off to do some just now - weekly 'phone tutorials and all that jazz kee p a girl on her toes, and not on her pins :0(

Midsummer night's knitter said...

Gaelic, even

Midsummer night's knitter said...

er, what do you mean by SUBTLE???