Friday, November 18, 2005

No finished objects to show you yet

As I've no knitting to show you, I'll give you instead another gratuitous Scottish travel shot.
Kathleen in Inverary, May 2005.
(I think my hair isn't growing and then I look back at pics like this and see it is!)
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Linda said...

You look so rugged up for the cold but the sun is shining. How different the weather must feel. Sun here = hot, hot, hot.

Kathleen said...

Yes, it has been that kind of weather again this week. Bright and crisp - I love it like this! If you wrap up warm you can face days like this. We are thinking of going for a drive somewhere today while we don't have wind and rain. Where in Australia do you live? (J worked in Adelaide for a year long before he met me.)

Linda said...

I'm in Brisbane. We used to wear woollies all Winter when I was a child but the last five Winters have been T shirt weather most of the season. Adelaide is very beautiful. Much drier than the Eastern coast, though. We are very humid in the Summer which is much worse than the temperature would suggest. But as a plus, I grow orchids on my front verandah all year,
Regards Linda