Saturday, November 26, 2005

Get yourselves some passports, we're going to Vienna!

Siegfried (left) and Sonya (right) will have to get cracking and apply for their passports as we're off to Vienna for Christmas!
These two tiny pups are our latest additions to the family and were bought to raise money for Guide Dogs for the Blind.
The monkey, Santa Cruz, has already stowed away on trips to Rome and Paris so he is an old hat.
All this is history now as they are joining us on our five-night trip to celebrate Christmas in Vienna. We leave on Saturday 24th and I am so excited!!!
Jonathan has sold the cottage he lived in before we got married and I have talked him into viring just a little of the proceeds for a Winter Break. He was thinking of somewhere like the Canary Islands but I am so glad he went with my idea of going somewhere cultural. I am so lucky!

Knitting news? Kind of - I haven't really been in the habit of photographing works in progress, but I have been working on *Jaeger Alpaca 4ply lacy scarf *Heathery sock *KSH Jumper a little like Bay from Rowan 36 *Scarf with German "Softwool" from trip to Frankfurt in 2002(See, I told you I was lucky!). Been hitting the stash again!
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Heather said...

FAb ! Your Christmas trip sounds wonderful - and does it mean you get to avoid family do's too ??? !

Kathleen said...

Yes! It takes away the whole "What are we doing this Christmas?" thing. Hopefully this year we can avoid offending anybody!
The hardest bit was telling the ones at church I won't be signing at any of the Christmas services - broad shoulders required! x K

Tracy said...

How wonderful and it sounds so romantic! Any room for anymore? I've lost count with how many our invading our house for Christmas, I'm beginning to feel a little overwhelmed!

Anonymous said...

Fabulous Kathleen - Vienna sounds a wonderful place to visit at Christmastime. So romantic and much better than the Canaries in my opinion anyway. Love the pctures of Di Gilpins shop a few posts back. One day I will travel to Scotland and go there myself I hope.

Midsummer night's knitter said...

Remember the flower-aranging conversation - got myself a great wee book out of Waterstones and -ta-daa! first handtie. Looks not bad if I say it myself - I'll post a pic on the old blog in the next day or so...