Friday, November 04, 2005

This WAS Loopy from Knitty

Loopy from Knitty Fall 2002 Mark Two.
In sky blue KSH and DB Maya colour 05.
Novelty effect, but decent yarns used.

Too hard to control, way too uneven and here's the clincher -
not loving the look of it.
Looks like that stuff soldiers use.
Camouflage netting.
Off to frog pond.
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Linda said...

I had to look twice because it looks just like Deborah from Rowan Mag 36. I hated the feel as I knitted it, and the look, and never got past about 10 cm.
Too yucky. There'll be a better use for the yarn.

Kathleen said...

Oh yes, see what you mean about Deborah. No point in flogging a dead horse is there?