Sunday, August 21, 2005

Branching Out

This is one of my recently finished objects.
It's the Branching Out scarf from Knitty Spring 2005.

I did it in the discontinued Rowan yarn DK Soft, which is a lovely yarn I bought about three years ago from McAree Brothers in Stirling.

The pattern is described as a good next step from knitting and purling. Well, I tell you what, if I was just progressing from knitting and purling I'd have chucked that pattern after about three rows. Patience and tenacity are not my strong points. Anyway it was fine as I'm a bit more experienced than that, but I did use my flourescent sticky tape to help me keep my place. I enjoyed working from a chart for a change.
I completed this on my recent trip to Skye in July.

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Karen said...

I agree, I found Branching out a difficult knit, I frogged it so many times it's a wonder it doesn't croak when I wear it *groan*

Nevertheless it is a great pattern and yours is the loveliest version I've seen, it's so delicate and beautifully blocked... (am very envious) ;-)