Sunday, August 28, 2005

low maintenance knitting

Whenever I go to knitting meet-ups my knitting of choice is something very low maintenance so I can ooh and aah over everyone's show and tell without having to frog the knitting when I get back.
In the summer I knitted this scarf made from Phildar Rivage. DH had taken me on a romantic trip to Paris for Valentine's Day and I somehow managed to factor in enough time to visit Le Bon Marche,

I did my usual and bought three balls of each yarn which a)I love b)can't get at home.
One of my purchases was some Phildar. Firstly, I loved the colour. It reminded me of verdigris roofs like my church and the Mitchell library. Also I heard green was going to be big all summer (I heard right).

I made this bias scarf up as I went along (urbanDK) and interrupted the stocking stitch with a garter row every 10 rows to highlight the bias nature. It's had plenty of wear and I sometimes top it off with a black "sweater/ shawl fastening" from getknitted.

Just thought I'd tell you all of this!


Linda said...

Its a fantastic green, isn't it. I love the interesting bias design, too. What else would you buy in Paris, but wool? That is the comment of a knitting fanatic, I know.

Kathleen said...

I know Linda, you're as bad as me. In the near future, I'll show you the yarn I bought o in Florence on honeymoon! Romance is not dead!