Monday, August 22, 2005

Skye adventures

These are the types of scenes and colours I wanted to represent in the wool. Yes, this is Skye, Scotland. Can you believe it? Stunning place, this summer was my first visit. We had glorious weather and I was so impressed. Could have stayed much longer than a week.
Don't know what I'll do with this yarn but I'm thinking beret, gloves maybe.
By the way, I was just thinking, isn't it funny how quickly you get used to posing yarn and FO's on bedcovers, towels and bushes etc!


Linda A said...

The pictures are so beautiful. I've only seen Scotland in the colder months so I'm very surprised at the brightness of the Summer colours. The yarns look so delicious. Sorry I sounded stern - just bossy old me.

Kathleen said...

No, not at all Linda. I love a bit of guidance!
The summer colours in Skye were so rich when we were there.
Wait till I show you Harris!

Sarah Murray said...

The colours of the yarn look gorgeous and Skye does look a beautiful place. I'd love to visit it.