Sunday, August 21, 2005

Felted hat

This is my last show and tell of the day. Probably. Maybe.
It is a hat I bought from Shilasdair yarn shop on my summer holiday to Skye.

They use natural dyes from plants growing in their wee garden and dye them onsite. Great place to visit, take your credit card, or a set sum in cash if you are wise.

I also bought some yarn from them, as you do. Some undyed sheep coloured creamy-grey colour as well as blue, green and orange. Haven't decided what to do with it yet but I love the Skye colours. Creamy sheep, grey rocks and hills, green hills, blue blue blue skies and sea when we were there and orange sunsets. Or so I believe, I didn't stay up late enough to see one, I just liked the orange as a tonic. The yarn is 20% Cashmere, 40%Angora, 40% Lambswool. Really should post a pic.

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Sarah Murray said...

Hi Kathleen

Great to see that you have set up your own blog. Hope you enjoy getting lots of feedback from us all! Like the way it is laid out and your chatty tone.