Sunday, August 21, 2005

Guess who I met yesterday?

Yesterday as part of the Gourmet Glasgow event all this month I met the lovely Jean Christophe Novelli!

He was doing a demonstration in George Square of one of his signature dishes, lamb with chicken mousse and blue cheese. Smelled lovely even from a distance of 100 yds or so. Afterwards he was signing books and he did that thing which really charming people do, you know, although all he is saying is "Thanks for coming," he looks at you as if you are the most important person in the world for those few seconds. Can't wait to tell my French pupils at school tomorrow.
Oh yes, and he asked me out. Well, he asked me if I would be eating out in Glasgow this weekend which is obviously a hint. Must email him to firm up the arrangements.

Nick Nairn went on to give a demonstration too, but I didn't stay long as it was turned out such a beautiful day I was concerned about sunburn. Besides, he was cooking scallops and I don't eat sea food so there was nothing I was desperate to find out.

I also saw, from a distance mind, Brian Maule of Le Chardon d'Or which is a gorgeous place to go for a special occasion.
Brian (first name terms, best buddies) was providing food samples later in the day, but if I had stayed on I would have been served up as beetroot garnish as the sun was so strong.
Besides, the smell of all that yummy food and seeing it on the stage and big screens was making me ravenous so I went up to John Lewis for a spot of lunch and a wee browse.

I was wanting to see if the RYC Classic Weekend had hit the shop yet. I know it's available from some online shops now but I don't actually want to buy the thing, I just want to look at the pattern for the mitred squares which crop up as a throw and a stole in that book. Looks like a fabby stash-busting technique.
This is a very new blog so it may take some time to cover the stash situation!
Anyway they don't have it yet and I didn't want to disturb Carol Meldrum, the Rowan consultant, as she was teaching someone to knit at the time. Sure it will be there soon as all the other RYCs are in stock. Lots of pretty stuff, but I won't be rushing to buy them as there are no must-haves.

Hope to take some photos off my recent projects to post later today. Looks a lovely day again so will try to get out and enjoy it.

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