Friday, August 26, 2005

I like pictures!

Hello, and welcome, particularly if you have come visiting via Heather's blog.
Soon the parks are going to be over-run by zealous knitters fighting over the most photogenic bushes.

Anyway, when I am browsing blogs I like looking at lots of pictures, so I'm taking the liberty to show you a bag I finished a while back. Like the green bag from last weekend's post the knitting on this was finished ages ago but it didn't get a lining for months and months. The yarn itself was Jaeger Aqua Cotton which I got from a charity shop so it cost next to nothing.
(Have you noticed you don't get the same quantity or quality of yarn in charity shops now? I think folk are less likely to get rid of it now as they maybe know someone who has caught the bug in the resurgence of knitting, or of course, there are the good old auction sites to recoup a bob or two for unwanted items.)
I got the fabric lining and the big button in old faithful John Lewis. I put the satiny lining on the outside so it looks a bit shiny through the pattern gaps and I put the textured suedette side on the inside. I am happy with the way it all turned out and I like my wee matching purse. To be fair it can only cope with lightweight stuff, preferably not too lumpy!

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