Friday, October 14, 2005

And guess where I'm going tomorrow?

I've been enjoying looking at everyone's haul from the Ally Pally show because I know I'm going to have a lovely knitting oriented weekend too. Stands back in amazement- I may have one or two items of my own to show off next time.

What a busy knitterly weekend.
The knitting group I belong to
are being given a sneak preview of a new yarn shop opened on Queen Margaret Drive by fellow member Katharine.
I'll be there tomorrow morning full of anticipation. I haven't seen Katharine for a while, but I always admire her knitting and her good taste, so it bodes well!

Then, off to Edinburgh to see Julie's yarn shop and to meet up with some knitting buddies there.
Now that I've got a blog there's even more reason to hide India! I suppose I better document it seeing as Heather's digital camera has been swiped.

I'm setting the scene in case I am too shopped out/ tired/ laden with bags/ steamin' to make any sense of our soiree after the event.

And then the show at the SECC! Ally Pally it aint, but I always seem to manage to find a wee thirty balls or so to buy.

I'm getting a bit over excited now. P'raps I'm demob happy. Did I tell you I have a week off?


Heather said...

Well as long as India manages to restrain herself from flaunting her cleavage at the camera this time you should be fine !

See you tomorrow

Heather x

Jill said...

Well, I can vouch that Kathleen, India, Heather, Nancy and I ALL probably spent more than we budgeted and that Kathleen required mushroom pizza from the Clifton Chippy before she boarded the train tonight! so, I vote that she'll be too STEAMIN' to provide details! Mind you, in saying that, I also have to add that we were ALL knitting up to at least 10pm, despite the quaffing (and spilling!) of red wine! But PLEASE - no mention of my lack of arithmetic at the end of the night!!!!!