Thursday, October 27, 2005

Ladies and Gentlemen...

...we have a winner!

The illustrious winner is
Sue at Knittiotherapy!

Sue was closest to the correct answer with her guess of 597 yesterday.
Well done, Sue.

The actual number of stitches cast off along the top edge was 583.

The next closest was Anna, my pal from work, with 628. I'll see if I can rustle her up a wee consolation prize, a wee
Annie Lennox hat maybe?

I decided not to pick the prize selection until I saw who won. I wanted to give the winner a choice they could work with.

When I found out it was Sue, I headed over to
Knittiotherapy to find that she is a fairly new blogger, like myself. I did glean enough information to put together the following suggestions for her to choose from.

I see Sue is a Rowanette. This means that she already has a good idea about the range and which Rowan yarns she likes so I decided not to offer any Rowan, just other quality yarns, particularly as she is just back from a Rowan stash enhancing trip!

Instead I am offering a choice of one of the following-
*two balls of Noro Silk Garden as shown in the pic below or
*three balls of Jo Sharp Aran cotton.

Or (as Sue is mastering sock knitting for the first time and may well catch the bug)
*two balls of 4ply Socka Color or
*two balls of Regia Jacquard 6ply as shown in the pic below.

I continued reading and found that Sue loves cross stitch, so as another alternative I am pleased to offer
*Lanarte Purple Bouquet or
*Paddling, All our Yesterdays. See pic.

So, Sue, when you have decided which one you would like, mail me at with your details and I'll get your goody sent out to you.

Many thanks go to (in no particular order) to Anna, Karen, Ida, Yvette, Thomas, Carol, Jane, Tom, Paul, Sonja, Madeline, Lilith, Jill, Elaine, Mags, Emma, Mhairi, J and Roddy for joining in. I have really enjoyed the competition.

And congratulations Sue!
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Emma said...

Well done Sue !
If you go to the trouble of putting on competitions the least I can do is enter them. :0)

Sue said...

How utterly bizzare! ther I was reading you blog and the number just popped into my head, was even chatting to Yvonne about it tonight after Liberty!

Perhaps I'm psych-knit?????

soCherry said...

well done! :)

thanks for the comp - much fun! See you soon (in your new shawl)


Anonymous said...

Nice one, Sue!
Wonder what you'll choose.

Thanks for the competition K.

Mhairi said...

Well done to Sue!
And thank you Kathleen for a wee bit of interactive "virtual " fun.
Shawl looks a treat


Anita said...

I'm curious - what kind of hat does Annie Lennox favour?

Kathleen said...

Hi Anita, I'm a bit in the dark about this as well. My friend Anna wants to look at a certain picture to see if it is feasible to knit a hat she has seen Annie in. She doesn't know for a fact it's even knitted. I'll get back to you when she has shown me. xK