Thursday, October 20, 2005

Competition! Honeymoon Wrap

Well, folks, here it is, the great unveiling of the honeymoon shawl!
For our honeymoon last year J and I spent a few days in each Venice, Florence and Rome and had the most wonderful time. While looking for a particular church near the Ponte Vecchio in Florence we chanced upon Beatrice Galli's great yarn shop. (Sidebar) Amongst other things I bought three balls of Filatura di Crosa Pixel yarn shade 8, thinking I would make a scarf at some stage.
On return from the holiday I put the yarn in the stash (as you do) and thought nothing more of it until this spring I decided to make a shawl starting from three stitches and working up. So I cast on on 3.5mm needles as stated and started making a triangle, working a yarn over round a central stitch on right side rows. Only it didn't turn out as a triangle, it turned out as a diamond and by the time I had 99 stitches it was about ten inches wide, on a good day. India helped me see sense that it would take me about ninety nine years to get it to shawl width at that rate, not to mention about ninety nine balls. So, to plan B, I made some wee straps and turned it into a kerchief. Now, I had never really seen myself as a shawl person, far less a kerchief person, but I didn't want to waste my work and I got LOADS of use out of it on my holidays to keep the sun off my head while walking up hills, my hair out my eyes in the sea breeze and the midges off me 24/7.

Which left me without a shawl. I decided to go up to needle size 6mm and increase one stitch at the beginning of each row. This time it did form a triangle and it made ideal knitting on Stitch and Bitch days because it was plain garter because the yarn was fancy enough, in my view. Of course, having used up a ball for my head thingy left me short of yarn and I had to send to Florence for reinforcements. Every time we had a knitting meet up I would pull this thing out the bag and do another few rows. The only time I touched it was at meetups so it didn't seem to be growing very fast.
Well, it did grow, fast or not, and at one meeting recently I mentioned I was nearly done and was thinking of fringing it and what did everyone think. Well the silence spoke volumes so I thought it through and decided on making a row of eyelets along the top to match the side increases and then make a ruffle all round.

And the results as you see are this completed shawl! I am pleased with it and can see myself wearing it over strappy things at parties or over jeans or black stuff to brighten them up. Trust me, every time you see me in the near future I will be wearing this wrap, shawl person or not!

***So, as you know I made up the pattern as I went along (urbanDK) and started with 3 stitches. But the question is (and remember I increased to make a ruffle) how many stitches did I eventually cast off along the top edge? ***

A prize of either sock yarn or scarf yarn (your preference) to the person who has come closest by 5pm on Thursday 27th October. Oh yes, and if you are not a knitter, eg family, you can have a scarf or socks handknitted for you.

Have a butcher's at my pix below to get an idea....
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Anonymous said...


Sarah said...

Kathleen the shawl looks lovely. I really like those colours. Blue must be one of your favourites as that KSH looks gorgeous too.


soCherry said...

yay! Well done on finishing!

I think that the ruffle is a lovely touch that gives it that bit extra.

Are you wearing it to the next Mono meet? Hope you're feeling better :)

In answer to your competition - ummm..I reckon you casted off 240 stitches.

Madeline said...

Very nice! Congratulations on finishing it.

I reckon 320 stitches.

Anonymous said...

I say 720.


Anonymous said...

How did it turn out a diamond shape originally?
I'd guess 399 stitches.
Sonja x

Kathleen said...

Thanks for all the guesses and comments so far.
It's nice to hear from you Sarah, I was thinking about you and thinking of sending you a catch-up mail.
Sonja, it was more of a kite shape than a diamond really. Don't really know how it turned out, I'm not mathematically minded!

Mhairi said...

Hi KAthleen,
Shawl is beautiful - your health to wear it for a long long time.
My guess is 397 - Mhairi

Emma said...

350. Possibly !
It's lovely. Everyone needs at least one shawl. :0)

Anonymous said...

I think 1000, but then again, I don't knit! I wouldn't know the difference between 100 and 1000! Lovin' the isle of Mull pictures.
Mags x

Jill said...

I vote for 425 stitches. Was lovely to see you again yesterday - you have some knitting ahead of you with those stash purchases!

lilith said...

how about... 361? it's gorgeous...

Paul Neph-boy said...

the answer is clearly 342. i was gonna go higher, but taking into account it was yarn shade 8, it should be pretty obvious that with the ruffles and 6mm, you'd end up with 342.

(the answer could be 'banana' for all i know)

Kathleen said...

Hey neph-boy, you can't argue with a confident man!

Tom said...

I'm going for an even 300! You'd get through all that lovely wool a lot quicker if you stopped trying to give that bush a snug and got back to your knitting! ;-)

Jane. said...

am i the only person who doesnt have a clue what that means? i feel tres confuffled! i love the number 8. so i guess its 8. SNUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Well done girl
glade to see your putting all the black bags and boxes of wool to good use!

could the answer be 364?
sorry I missed you at the show see you soon Carolxxx

Thomas said...

Hi Kathleen did have you down as a tree hugger.
My gues is 777

Thomas said...

The last comment should have read.
Didnt have you down as tree hugger.
Sorry, big fingers small brain

Anonymous said...

I guess is 512

Ida said...

If it is all around the shawl, I guess 748 ... Did you really count them?

Anonymous said...

If I'm not too late...

650 stitches

Kathleen it looks absolutely beautiful, well done!

Kathleen said...

Thanks for the lovely comments.
No, Ida, it wasn't all around, it was just the top edge. You still have enough time to revise your submission!
Your entry is well and truly logged Karen. K x

Anonymous said...

I think the precise number is 628