Sunday, October 30, 2005

What prize would you like Sue?

Kathleen and a large anchor.
Tobermory, Isle of Mull, July 2005.

I can't believe a couple of the Liberty Rowanettes were talking about my competition! How cool is that? Anyway, when you're ready Sue, mail me at to choose your prize. Now, choose carefully, cos like the rest of us, you seem to have a bit of a stash thing going on there?!?
May I link to your blog Sue?

After a fairly sociable week I don't have a tremendous amount of knitting to report, but I have been plugging away. I've done a few more repeats on my Alpaca scarf (4ply never seems to grow very quickly) and on my second cable sock. Fern cardigan is blocking. I'm just thinking over what kind of closure would be best on this. I want to get it finished soon while wrapover cardigans are still in fashion.

Didn't make it to Mono for the Stitch and Bitch this Tuesday as I was wakened by the rhythmic drip drip drip of lovely black water (don't you love lathe and plaster in old buildings) trickling onto the bedroom carpet. I was in denial but J said he heard it too so we investigated and found that our resident ceiling bulge had become a bit of a mound. I pierced it with a kebab skewer and a steady flow of the same black water came down into the bucket. Nothing too mega, but you don't really want any water trickling into your bedroom in an ideal world. After a day getting in touch with the factors (building managers) we discovered that the skylight of the roof void was smashed and that's where the water was penetrating. Anyway, I didn't go to S and B in case I came home to find the ceiling where the floor should be. (The joys of living on a top floor flat, this HAS happened to me before in another room.) The ceiling was still in the right place thankfully and the bucket only had a few more millimetres in it. We will of course have to get this fixed, but at least we are not talking a huge job at present. The factors are onto the skylight repair. This is just a teeny weeny wee moan about my ceiling to explain why I wasn't out stitchin' and bitchin' on Tuesday, I know how lucky I am compared to countless others.

Was out on Monday on a farewell night out to say goodbye to Madeleine who has worked with us for seven years. Herself and her husband and child are moving to Gijon in Spain where Isaac is originally from. Was a great night out and I wish them all the best.
Also out on Wednesday for dinner although one guest couldn't come as he has suspected mumps! AAargh!
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Sue said...

Hi hon,
I'd like to donate my prize to a fledgeling knitter:
Johanna met Yvonne at Glasgow, when I get her address would you send her the two balls of silk garden please?
please feel free to link to my blog, I think you'd be the first!