Sunday, October 09, 2005

Wavy Scarf for Carol

On the Rowan International Members' Forum Carol B-R has given me some invaluable advice about the edging on my Fern cardigan (mag 36) and helped me cope with Rowan's artistic, but not altogether informative, photography.

Carol is now looking for ideas for a scarf for a man which will not be so boring she will drop off to sleep or so complicated she will have to give it her entirely undivided attention. My suggestion is the Wavy scarf from Knitty Winter 2004.

I didn't actually knit this for my husband as such, but he purloined it when he saw it. I was glad to give it to him as I have not exactly been prolific in my output for him, as long as I can borrow it back if the mood takes me. I made it in Debbie Bliss Maya shade 04. I enjoyed using that yarn and would gladly use it again although I don't know if I could stretch to the cost of a whole jumper or jacket.
Anyway, I was quite happy with the way the scarf turned out, even though it wasn't nearly as "wavy" as the one on Knitty. Maya is quite a slubby thick and thin yarn and the K3P3 didn't pull in quite as much as it seems to have on the smooth yarn used on the original pattern. It is still very textured though, and lovely and snug because of the dense fabric. So, easy peasy knitting, but pay attention to what row you're on. Seems like a good combination to me.

Do any of you have any other good ideas for a man's scarf I could pass on to Carol?


Emma said...

It's a fab scarf. I'm not surprised it's been borrowed !

Link away. ;-]

Lorena said...

Do you have the book Scarf Style by Pam Allen? It's got quite a few that look rather masculine.

Kathleen said...

Thanks Lorena, I do think Carol has Scarf Style. I think she said she likes some of them but they are maybe a bit too high maintenance for what she has in mind. xK