Sunday, October 09, 2005

Last year's Rowan exchange

When I went for my park visit yesterday I only had a wee bit of room left in my bag as I had to go to the post office to send on an ebay parcel which had been sent to me in error. (This was actually quite pleasant because I was wearing Flora to keep my sore throat covered and the lady in the PO was admiring it and asking for pattern details so her mother could knit her it.)
Anyway the point is my basket was too full to take any of my real WIPs so I thought I'd bring the scarf Stephanie knitted as part of my gift for the Extremeties Exchange last year on the Rowan International forum. I really love this scarf because the colour cheers up any outfit and the most important thing, the yarn never ever sheds onto your clothes! (Don't get me started on Rowan Biggy Print, Chunky Print, Cotton Braid, Big Wool...)
It's in a Crystal Palace cotton (or cotton blend at least, I'm not sure) called Raggedy. It is a ribbon yarn with frayed edges which are very well secured. Stephanie knit it from side to side with a drop stitch pattern and a row edge fringes. I've had loads of wear from this scarf.
She also practised her crochet and made me some burgundy turkish slippers which were so nicely shaped and finished. They are a bit too lived in now to be photogenic!

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soCherry said...

That's a lovely scarf - I keep meaning to start a scarf from side to side - but I can never be bothered with the 400-odd stitches I'll prob. need to cast on!

I'm off to see if Crystal Palace has a website - love cotton always :)

PS - Debbie Bliss Alpaca - a major shedder! So soft, but so shedding...