Sunday, October 30, 2005

Next Knit and Chat project

Had fun at the Stitch and Bitch at the Tramway today. Some fabby projects, some of which are secrets, so I'll say no more.
I don't have any knitting to show for my visit because of my allergy for doing swatches. Just got started on the Loopy Scribble Lace scarf and hoped for the best, thinking how wrong can you go on a stocking stitch scarf? Way too broad is the answer. I didn't use circulars as suggested I used my new Swing Pins from the Craft Fair last week. The lady was trying to tell me about fancy things to do with them, over the din of the fair. I'll be using them as dpns which have a removable bobble on the end, thank you very much.
J is allowing me to cast on something new (trust me, this is in fun, I'd like to see him make me do something I didn't want to) because I have finished knitting three projects. Not the three we had agreed on, granted, but three projects- Flora, Fern and my shawl. Fern still needs to be made up. Bought some ribbon today.
So, for knitting and chatting, I give you
Loopy from Knitty .
I have seen quite a few scarves like this is the shops this season. I don't follow fashion, but if I like something and it is fashionable, that's a bonus.

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