Saturday, October 22, 2005

Competition is under Thursday 20th October

Long live the October week

What a marvelously woolly week I have had!

For a start I finished my shawl -thank you for the lovely compliments.

I have also finished the knitting of Fern (Rowan 36) and have the blocking and sewing ahead of me.

And you'll remember my adventures last weekend in Edinburgh and Glasgow. (By the way -today is the grand opening of K1 yarns knitting boutique, -all the best Katharine!)

Well, I've got plenty more adventures to add, and yarn to add to the stash. Put it this way, I will not be needing to buy yarn for a very long time. Then again, why did I ever buy yarn because I needed to?

Thursday started well, with a package from Get Knitted. This was doubly good because it meant the postman could actually be bothered coming up to the flat, which was a minor miracle in itself, and also because although the package was tiny, it contained something absolutely beautiful! It was my back order of Art Yarns Royal Silk. I ordered it several months ago but my shade was not available at the time. I decided to hold out for the shade I was after, and I am absolutely delighted with it. Perhaps a nice Clapotis? (Thanks J for teaching me that type of link.)

Then off to to the Hobbycrafts and Creative Stitches fair at the SECC. I missed my sister-in-law who is a card crafter, amongst other things, but I did get some nice yarn. Jaeger Extra Fine Merino, Sirdar Salsa and Sirdar Indigo. Pictures below. I may make the striped hooded denim baby jacket from the Woman's Weekly Special from the Indigo.

Back again on Friday where I met with Heather , Jill and India and bought a couple of items I had seen the day before but had wanted to check out on the internet and in my pattern books- some Rowan Cotton Chenille and Jaeger Aqua Cotton. Pictures below.

You can see, I have an awful lot of knitting up to do!

Don't forget to enter the competition on Oct 20th!


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