Monday, October 17, 2005

Knitting Fun Day Part Two - the knitting

So, how come I'm posting at lunch-time on a Monday? It is that wonderful Scottish education tradition known as the "October Week"! Yay!

Anyway, some knitting was actually done on our day out on Saturday.

Members of Glasgow knitting meet up group (sidebar) will be very familiar with the knitting in this photo. It has been my staple knitting for what seems like eternity now. Here is a sneak preview of what I was working on at the weekend. After I sew in all the ends there will be a grand unveiling, with all the details. I will just tantalise you with a snapshot just now but suffice it to say, it's shaping up quite nicely.

Heather was working on a Noro cardigan I think, doing the back and two fronts on circs so she could keep control of the stripes, Jill was making Midwest Moonlight from Scarf Style, and both Nancy and India started and finished scarves in fancy yarns to pass on. Theresa hadn't brought any knitting with her.

In other knitting news - I had made a mistake on the right front of my Fern (Rowan 36) cardie. I let it lie for a few days without touching it but I picked it up yesterday and decided I may as well do it right and am going to frog it today. I had done a few extra rows of purl garter when it should have been reverse stocking stitch. I thought I could live with it but it's only about one night's work so I may as well get it looking right and I'll get more wear from it in the long run.


Linda said...

One is never happy with it unless such a mistake is undone.

Anonymous said...

One is ALWAYS happy if it counts as a 'design' feature (says India who is on the FOURTH attempt at a scarf - well, it's for a friends 40th, and I don't think she would appreciate the special'features')