Sunday, October 02, 2005


Firstly, thank-you for all the lovely comments about the wedding photos. These compliments certainly do a buddie good. The bouquet has lasted admirably, but today is the day it will have to get broken up. The orchids are still lovely but the roses are getting a bit jaded now.

As for knitting, well I have done a little this week, mostly an extra inch on this, another inch on that, not much to show. I have finished the neck warmer bit of Flora and the flower is ready to be assembled. Must go to John Lewis today to get the necessary buttons. At the moment the flower looks like a bowl of spaghetti, will have to set aside a bit of time to finish it nicely.

I was discussing my WIPs with J this morning. We have agreed that I will completely finish my Flora, my Fern cardigan and my Alpaca scarf you haven't seen yet before casting on anything new. Not that these are my only WIPs by any stretch of the imagination, but we have negotiated that these will be finished before I embark on any new projects. He accepts my stash manfully, but I think he could do without all the different knitting bags ALL OVER the living room. We could be having visitors this week on the back of the wedding, so the less clutter lying about the better.

Will dash now so I can get ready for today's Knitting Meet-up. xK


Lorena said...

Are we the same person? I have about six WIPs right now... in their given bags... all over the living room. Mostly piled up on my side of the couch. Tim said he's been working so many hours lately because of a project at work... maybe he's really afraid of all my bags of projects falling on him!

Kathleen said...

Hee hee. I've started piling them up behind the couch now as well, which is getting a bit OTT. It got to the stage that last time I went to the Stitch n Bitch in the cafe-bar Mono you like I had to use a supermarket carrier bag! I have however many knitting project bags, but they are all in use in different parts of the living room.

soCherry said...

Haha - same agreement as I have with the boy. He bought me a huge wooden yarn and WIP box from IKEA, but I've filled it...
He says that I'm not allowed another box - I must finish some WIPs to make room in the box I have.
But it's so tempting to start new things isn't it?