Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Knitting Fun Day- Part three- the people

Don't ask me how I manage to wangle this one, but I have been granted permission of sorts to use my people pictures today.
No, Hallowe'en has not come early, this is India trying out one of the shop samples in HK in Edinburgh. India is always a great ambassador for ponchos and this child's hooded Christmassy one is no exception. I think she looks kinda cute. It was that kind of day, serious wool shopping but plenty of funnies thrown in.
This is us sort of taking over the back area of HK, where the Jaeger, Jamieson's, sock and baby wool and the knitting books are. We more or less set up home here as one or two of us had rather enormous baskets which the other customers in off the street were having to scramble over.
I didn't get a chance to take a photo of Minxxy (sidebar) but she joined us in that back area for a while as she was choosing which self-patterning sock yarn to go for - red and black of course!
I cannot believe the will power Theresa showed, she seemed to enjoy browsing all the new yarns and colours but didn't succumb - now that's self-discipline.

(A brief aside about self-discipline - I redid the bit of my Fern which was wrong last night. I have plenty of yarn so I didn't frog the original bit to make it quicker and sweeten the pill. I am now back to where I was - I think it will be a good investment because it means I won't kick myself for being too lazy when it's all made up.)

Did you know Nancy sells beautifully hand carved Surina knitting needles and crochet hooks ? http://www.knittinguk.com/

I didn't realise the Hobbycrafts fair is on this Thursday too! I thought it was just Fri-Sat-Sun. Say hi to me if you run into me on Thursday then!
P.S. I do not always have a puffin with me.
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Anonymous said...

Looks like a great day out. Do you have any money left for this week's Craft Fair?
Sonja x

Anonymous said...

What a great shop, have a great day on Thursday, I will be there on Friday.